My Seattle Diary Guide

Day 1 - SeaTrac Tacoma Airport - arrived fairly early at the airport at aound 12.30pm. Once arrived bought a Orca card (they charge $5 for the issuing card, but its worth it, so you can carry the card rther than cash). Journeys to Downtown Seattle are $2.5 so fairly cheap, and takes 30 minutes to get there.

Once arrived, dropped my luggage at Hotel Seattle, its a reasonable hotel with basic facilities but don't expect breakfast inclusive in costs nor coffee or tea in the room. I had to wait till 3pm till check in.

Did a brief tour around Seattle which included walks to Madison Street, walked into Ye Olde Curiosity Shop which sells lot of random stuff like stuffed animals and souvenirs like sweatshirts and t-shirts. Walked along Alaskan Way Viaduct (great walk under bridge with views of mountain, and Space Needle), up to 1st Avenue, here there are plenty of shops all the way along the street, except near the end. Walked back to Alaskan Way Viaduct, then up Yesler Way, there's a good vantage point on the bridge where you can see most of Downtown Seattle here includng the Smith and Columbia tower. Walked to 9th Avenue, and finally back to Seneca Street.

Had some good cappucino cofe at Seattles Best COffee with carrot muffin and waffle with a great view of the Seattle Public library.

After checkin, walked to Pike Place Market, here is a bustling tourist attrction where there are lots of market stalls selling fresh seafood including fish, crabs, and oysters. Walked around 1st Avenue to see Simply Seattle which is another Souvenir Shop and bought a few postcards. Also alked past the Seattle Art gallery which looks interesting and you get to see a 10 foot hammering statue looming over the museum.

Seattle Facts

City Population/th> Density Population Urbn Population Metro Population
620,778 (US: 22nd) 7,402/sq mi (2,858/km2) 3,059,393 3,500,026 (US: 15th)

My Seattle Diary Guide (continued)

Left back to hotel at 6.30pm

Finally met a few friends after getting back at hotel and ventured out to have a bite to eat. Went to Qdoba Mxican Grill and bought a rilled chicken burrito with coke for $9.50 which is good value as it was a large portion with choice of spiced sauce, salad, beans and cheeses.

Finally walked around Pike Street again and to a nearby convenience store wih my friend buying some pretzels and chocolate

Day 2 - Bellevue - left hotel to take bus for $2.50 to bellevue which is a suburb east of Seattle. It is fairly quiet compared with downtown in this area, and the location at Bellevue Centre in Hyatt Hotel is quite nice. Went to Geek Give Group which is a volunteering group from MVPs where we had a free Ingallina's Lunchbox, the cuban steak sandwich was really really nice! Before that with Tully's Coffee, the dark chai mochi was incredible!

Went to Northwest Harvest at Kent by bus south of Downtown Seattle to help volunteer with pickin apples that cater the whole state of Washington, and collected apples of 26 boxes! In total by all volunteers we help serve 3 million pounds of apples!

After the bus back to Bellevue, we went to Macy's for an hour and bought some bargain clothing! Good discount from them for international people!

Had some sushi at Blue C Sushi, serving dishes from $2.50 to $5.00 which is generally ok, and the sushi was very nice especially the Seattle Roll and King Roll.

After that, ventured to Macy's again, to have a look at more shops. For good discounts go to Macy's and look for Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein product, you are guaranteed good discounts. There's a Microsoft store here aswell as Lego store!

Had to settle to buying a sim card from T-Mobile, rate for a $3 per day 3G unlimited calls and texts on prepaid SIM card is $36 which is not bad!

See for a guide on going to Mount Rainier for a last day of the week visit.